Use Opal to monitor COVID-19 symptoms

The Opal Health Informatics Group was pleased to partner with the research team of Dr. Bertrand Lebouché to conduct the Opal-COVID study. This study is now complete.

Contact Us:

Research team of Dr. Bertrand Lebouché
(+1) 438 822-2004

Opal for patients

Can I participate?

    You can participate in the Opal-COVID study if:

  • Your COVID-19 test result done at the MUHC is positive.

  • You are prescribed self-isolation at home.

  • You have an iOS or Android cell phone.

  • You have a RAMQ medicare card.

Why participate?

By participating in the Opal-COVID study, you will be able to:


Self-monitor your symptoms with an
oximeter (and a thermometer if
needed) provided by the research
team and report them via Opal.


Tele-consult with a healthcare
professional if your symptoms

Stay informed

Learn more about COVID-19
and receive counselling.

Opal will help you to reduce your risk and stay in touch with your healthcare team while you are at home.

About the Opal-COVID Study

The Opal app is still in pilot phase and the Opal-COVID study is designed to evaluate its use in monitoring COVID-19 symptoms remotely.

Partners and Supporters of the Opal-COVID Study